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27th - 30th November 2007
Summer Fruits Kick

Delicious summer fruits are in abundance on the Market this week. Stonefruit is in good supply with plenty of peaches and plums to be found.

Southern varieties of cherries are also becoming available, with lovely blueberries coming out of Coffs Harbour.

Mangoes are available with the Katherine crop presently on the Market. Prices are reasonably high and should ease back when the Bowen crop gets into full swing over the coming weeks.

Prices have eased for bananas, but Lady Fingers are firming.

Supplies of watermelon and rockmelon are in plentiful, as are sweet potatoes.

Most vegetables are in readily available with all varieties of lettuce in good supply.

Brussel sprouts are still short.

13th - 19th November 2007
Summer almost in Swing

As mentioned last week, vegetables have started to tighten this week with cauliflowers and brocolli on the way up.

Capsicums are still reasonable and tomatoes should start to go up with the end of the Bowen season.

Rockmelons are 'in between' regions at the moment so prices have firmed.

Mangoes are plentiful and lychees and stonefruit have just started to appear, with bigger quantities and better quality expected to arrive in the coming weeks.

6th - 9th November 2007
Vegetables to tighten

Mangoes are now in plentiful supply with more product from Northern Territory and Katherine expected over the to arrive on the Market over the next few weeks.

Low chill stone fruit is available, but the prized Stanthorpe fruit should start to be in more bountiful quantities later this month.

Cabbages are expected to tighten over toward the middle of the month due to lack of water available for crop planting.

A number of other vegetable crops will also tighten in the lead-up to christmas as the supply reduces while the regional crop changeover takes place.

30th - 2nd November 2007
Mangoes! Mangoes!Mangoes!

Mangoes are well and truly the flavour of the month with plenty of good quality fruit available this week. The Northern Territory crops are starting to arrive - better late than never!

Bananas have rallied somewhat this week, with slightly better prices to be had for good quality fruit than has been experienced in previous weeks.

As with last week, the southern vegetable and lettuce crops have proven to be of high quality.

With storm season upon us - a few already hitting some growing districts hard - the weeks ahead could turn out to be quite an interesting time for some crops.

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