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24th - 28th September 2007
Strawberries Still Going Strong

This week continues the solid run of this season's strawberry crop with lots of good quality fruit available on the market, with prices reflecting this quality supply of fruit.

As expected, the start of the Queensland school holidays saw the Market slow down this week, which will most probably continue into part of next week.

Generally, more fruit is coming into the Market as spring gets well and truly into gear. Tomatoes have come back in price this week, as have rockmelons. Bananas have started to ease back into normal pricing levels for this time of year with more fruit coming out of North Queensland.

17th - 23rd September 2007
Tomato prices well and truly in the black!!

This week's star performers have to be Roma tomatoes. In short supply, good prices for Roma's have been achieved for fruit of high quality and good size. Pumpkins, particularly Kent Special have also spiked in price. Butternut pumpkins are also in short supply. Beans are starting to come back in price as are some lettuce varieties as supply increases.

Strawberries are still in plentiful supply and the supply of bananas is starting to increase with prices reflecting this.

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