Pershouse Produce


Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale

Our company would not be the success it is today without the support and enthusiasm of our grower network. Pershouse Produce works with many fruit and vegetable wholesale growers from the major growing regions throughout Australia to supply commodity produce as well as specialty produce lines.

We have a close relationship with our growers, many of whom have entrusted Pershouse Produce with their entire marketing program. Our growers have access to Pershouse’s well cultivated marketing channels and enjoy the transparent way in which we conduct our business. Our team work closely with each grower to determine supply programs; assist in the development of Quality and HACCP plans; and logistics management. We are in constant contact with our growers and are regularly in the field to personally provide information and receive feedback.

All of our growers operate according to strict HACCP and Quality programs and to WQA (Woolworth’s Quality Assurance system) if required.

Pershouse Produce is always looking to welcome quality produce growers to the fold. We look to develop relationships with growers who complement our current suite of suppliers and that of our own farms; and those growers who share the same commitment to quality, consistency and business development that we do.

To supply produce to Pershouse, simply talk to one of our Sales Team and refer to the Market Produce Specifications and our supplier Trade Terms. Alternatively, you can contact us through this website via our Contact Us page

Pershouse Produce has a relationship with some of the finest produce brands in Australia. Here are some of the brands we are proud to be associated with: