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23rd - 26th October 2007
Waiting for Summer

With mangoes just about into full swing, the Market is still waiting impatiently for the best of the summer fruit crops to arrive. It is expected that more plentiful supplies of stonefruit will start to hit in the coming weeks, though there is still some fair quality low chill stonefruit varieties to be found.

Bananas have well and truly levelled out, and good quality strawberries can be still be found.

The southern vegetable crops are arriving from Victoria with good quality broccoli, cauliflower and lettuce available.

16th - 19th October 2007
Bananas Back!

This week has seen banana prices back to normal levels with lots of good quality fruit available at prices typical for this time of year.

A bit of low chill stonefruit was available, but it is not fantastic quality. The market is waiting for more stonefruit varieties to arrive but last weeks hail storms caused havoc for stonefruit growers.

Storms have also been responsible for a significant fruit drop for mangoes from Katherine. The season has been slow to start for mangoes, but some larger quantites of the fruit should be on the market in the coming weeks.

Tomatoes are in plentiful supply, but of mixed quality while zucchinis have been performing well if Grade 1 quality.

8th - 12th October 2007
Melons on the Move

Watermelons are back with a vengeance – excellent quality and sweetness - perfect eating for the recent bout of hot weather in south-east Queensland. And rockmelons have proven to be popular being of good quality and fantastic flavour.

Strawberry prices are back on the increase with the Queensland season drawing to an end. The Market is now eagerly awaiting the start of the stonefruit and mango season with new season berries such as blueberries just starting to become more readily available.

Bananas have increased in supply and are back to normal prices expected for this time of year.

This week has also seen brussel sprouts, cabbages and cauliflowers on the rise. Onions are in good supply and plenty of beans can be seen on the Market. Good washed potatoes are hard to get and sweet potato and pumpkins have also been short.

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