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Happy New Year! Of course, for most of you January is the busiest time of year, so the New Year cheer ended pretty quickly. No rest for the wicked as they say!!! But this year has been more frantic for many of you, with some challenging weather patterns making a busy time even more hectic.
With rain in Queensland, and extreme heat down south, most growers have really been tested. So in this edition, we have had a brief look at some lines of produce and how they have are performing.

This month in Fruit
What's new in fruit for January?

Well, Chris Georgiou from Pershouse Produce fruit sales tells me that the new season apples are starting to arrive on the Market.

"We have just started receiving some great summer Delicious apples." said Chris.

"This season we are expecting a reasonable apple crop out of Stanthorpe."

Mangoes are starting to steady in supply, but the quality is varied. Kensington Pride and R2E2's are still available and prices are firm.

Stonefruit is still in steady demand, but the quantity has been down a little on last year as a result of bats stealing fruit from Stanthorpe orchards.

There are some exotics still available. The lychee season has been terrific this year and the quality and price consistent.

The weather is starting to affect some lines with the rain in the north of Queensland starting to have an impact on the price of bananas.

"Bananas have been on a rollercoaster the last few months," said Cameron Kedwell, from Pershouse Produce. "And now we are expecting prices to move again with the rain and cyclonic conditions in the north."

"I expect prices to spike again as the supply shortens."

"For some crops, like melons, the weather has been a blessing and there are plenty of rockmelons and watermelons on the Market. We are currently getting solid rockmelon supplies as the southern season kicks in," he adds.

Samford retailer wins December award
The charming village suburb of Samford can now boast one of Brisbane’s best greengrocers with local store Samford Fresh announced as the Brisbane Produce Market’s Retailer of the Month for December as well as Retailer of the Year finalist for 2009.

Husband and wife, Nev and Julie Munro own and operate the fruit and veg store on Main Street and have since early 2006.

“I was raised on a farm in New Zealand and have been involved with horticulture my whole life, we moved to Brisbane in June 1989 and I spent 17 years as a wholesaler at the Brisbane Produce Market eventually moving into retail four years ago ,” said Mr Munro.

Nev is a hand’s on owner and acts as buyer, manager, counter staff and stock control. He credits this level of involvement for his successes in the Brisbane Produce Market retail awards program.

“In order to be a contender for Retailer of the Year you have to consistently offer a high level of service throughout the year, not just a lucky ‘one off’ instance of a good mystery shop. I put a lot of work into staff training, store presentation and product range,” said Mr Munro.

Nev travels to the Brisbane Produce Market at Rocklea up to five times a week. This is unusual for a ‘village sized’ store but he makes a point of only sourcing the best quality fruit and veg at the best price and this requires constant work on the Market trading floor.

Nev and Julie not only work hard to offer Samford residents a premium greengrocer but they also involve themselves at the grassroots of this community by supporting local schools, businesses, not-for-profit groups and families who need special assistance.

Supplied by Brisbane Markets Ltd.

What's happening in vegetables?
Well, after months of seemingly endless supplies of most lines the weather is starting to have an impact on supply.

The culprits, both heat and rain have been wreaking havoc on many lines.

Sweet potatoes are starting to shorten again with the rain making it hard for growers to harvest crops. This has been the same story with a number of heavy produce lines coming out of affected growing areas.

At the time of writing, capsicums are still short, as are zucchinis. Brocolli is easing and cauliflowers are shortening up.

Most produce is coming in from Victoria and Stanthorpe.

In Heavy produce, we are into the local season with Jarradale pumpkins short due to heat and humidity.

Kent Special pumpkins have come down in price and have plateaued, but will firm up closer to February.

Atherton potatoes have finished and we are now into the Dorrigo season and varieties out of Thorpedale (Vic).

Here is a list of just some of the produce available right now* at Pershouse Produce

Broad beans
Brussel Sprouts
Butter Beans

Honeydew Melon
Kipfler Potatoes

Okra Beans

Spring Onions
Sth Gold Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes

*subject to supply conditions.

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