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In this edition we revisit the Taylor's Lychee farm in Far North Queensland to show you some pictures of their property.

Pershouse Produce has also been in the media recently, helping to promote the Junior Landcare Challenge, and having some Halloween fun!

And this month we introduce you to the lovely June, who runs a tight ship over at Pershouse's A Block facility.

Enjoy your read!

Are They Man Enough for a Mo?
The month of November is going to be a right of passage for three of our young pups as they embark on one of the biggest rights of passage into manhood - the growing of the moustache!

As part of Pershouse Produces' committment to supporting the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, we are participating in 'Movember', the major fundraising initiative for the PCFA and Beyond Blue.

"Movember is a great concept," said Marketing Manager, Laura Koman.

"Not only does it highlight some important men's health issues, and raise much needed funds, but it is genuinely fun and really captures the imagination."

"We have had no problems getting volunteers to grow moustaches, or lend support to the young boys growing their first 'real' mo." said Laura.

"Our aim is to get as many sponsors for Cameron, Kel and Adley as we can, and also encourage people to join the Pershouse Team - Gro the Mo."

It's easy to join Pershouse's Gro the Mo Team.

Simply go to:

and follow the steps.

All you need to know is:

The Captains Registration Number: 1447891


The Captains email:

Just shaving for a month boys!!

October Market Review
October has been a steady month at the Markets with most lines well supplied.

As we come into November, we are starting to see some changeover between the growing districts, which will see some lines tighten up a little until the new supply truly kicks in.

And with summer almost upon us, the heady smell of mangoes and stonefruit is starting to permeate the Markets. Pershouse is expecting mangoes from Far North Queensland to start arriving on the Market in the early stages of November as the mango season moves its way down the coast.

Also arriving in November will be more varieties of stonefruit. Yum!

Bananas are also expected to tighten slightly in early Novembember, with most other lines remaining steady.

Watermelons have been holding well, with demand increasing and a steady supply of quality product.

On the vegetable front, we will start seeing broccoli and lettuce coming in from Stanthorpe and Victoria and capsicums coming in from Bundaberg.

In heavy produce, Kent Special pumpkins are shortening up as the Burdekin season has finished and we are waiting for the Bundaberg season to start.

Local onions are firm with prices up since the southern crops finished production.

Who Can Grow the Biggest Watermelon?
During October, Pershouse Produce was approached to help promote the latest Junior Landcare Challenge competition - Who Can Grow the Biggest Watermelon?

The competition, sponsored by Yates Seeds, is designed to teach school aged children how to grow fresh fruit and vegetables - giving them an appreciation of the life our farmers lead, and also the importance of looking after our environment.

Scott Beveridge from Channel Ten's TVNT was on-hand to produce the story, which aired in mid-October.

The competition runs until March 2009. Details can be found on the Landcare Callenge website

The 2008 Mango King is Crowned
CARLO LORENTI of Clayfield Markets Fresh has been crowned Mango King a second time after making the winning bid of $20,000 for the 2008 season’s “symbolic” first tray of mangoes at the annual Brisbane Markets Mango Auction.

Marking the 11th year of the event, the proceeds from the auction will be donated to Life Education Queensland – the largest non-government provider of drug and health education in Australia – and Redkite – an organisation that provide emotional and financial support to children affected by cancer and their families.

The newly crowned Mango King, who also won in 2006 said he was happy the $20,000 was going towards helping Queensland children and their families.

“There are generous people in the market community that look forward to this event every year, so we expected some tough competition,” Mr Lorenti said. “We wanted to make a difference and it is a privilege to know our generosity will support such great children’s charities like Life Education Queensland and Redkite.”

“We dug deep to get behind this event and we are so proud that we reached the goal for this year’s auction. It’s all about helping the children and supporting a good cause.

“It’s also good to know we also did better than our New South Wales counterparts.”

“As for the tray of mangoes, I delivered them to the special kids at the Banksia Ward of the Royal Children’s Hospital for them to enjoy and it was such a joy to see their faces light up and taste some of the first fruit of the season.”

Brisbane Markets Chief Executive Officer, Mr Andrew Young said the auction was a great success thanks to the support of the Brisbane Markets community.

“The annual mango auction is an opportunity for fresh produce retailers and wholesalers of the Brisbane Markets community to show their support for some of our state’s finest children’s charities and celebrate the beginning of the mango season.

“Congratulations to Carlo our new Mango King and a big thank you to him and the whole Brisbane Markets community who faithfully get behind the auction year after year.

The auction along with donations and raffles raised a grand total of $45,587” Mr Young said.

The event this year was themed ‘Mango Tango’ and featured a spectacular grand parade including professional tango dancers, special guests Jessica Schipper and Bruce Paige and a host of other ‘sights’ including the Meter Maids

Renowned Brisbane chefs Javier Codina of Gianni's, David Pugh of Restaurant Two and Brad Jolly of Alchemy all cooked up a storm showing off their talents and creating an array of mango delights for the crowd to enjoy.
Since the inaugural Brisbane Markets Mango Auction in 1998 the event has raised close to $500,000 for charities.

The Mangoes were supplied by Pine Creek Plantation in Pine Creek.

Top Crop Lychees - Orchard Photos
Last month we featured the Taylor's and their Lychee Farm near Mareeba. Sadly, publishing deadlines meant we just missed showing you some pictures of their orchard.

We thought we would run the pictures this month so you can see for yourself their operation, which produces some 20,000kg of lychees each season.

A Star is Born
Today was the television debut for Pershouse's Cameron Kedwell, who helped Totally Wild's Ranger Stacey learn about pumpkins - particularly Halloween Pumpkins!

It is normally Peter Kedwell who is the media front man for Pershouse, but today Cameron did a wonderful job in front of the camera.

As always, Pershouse Produce had a fine display of pumpkins available for filming - special thanks to Pershouse's Steve Rosten for organising the Halloween pumpkins and Dolores Taylor, who artistically carved a pumkin for the occasion.

Well done Cammo!

Staff Profile - June Denis
There’s only one word to describe our June – matriarch!

In fact, June is not just the matriarch of Pershouse, she could well be the matriarch of the Brisbane Markets – there would be very few who could challenge her lifetime of service at Rocklea.

Having been at the Brisbane Markets at Rocklea since 1965, June is proof that for those who embrace change, long and satisfying careers can be built in one industry.

“The transport industry is really where I have spent most of my working life. I just happened to fall into the transport of fresh produce and this is where I have stayed.” said June.

“And boy, have I seen some changes. In some ways the requirements of cold chain management and the like have made things more complicated, but then, there are always new tools being developed to help us manage those requirements. Tools such as temperature probes really help to keep on top of cold chain management in transport.”

“But perhaps one of the greatest ‘innovations’ for me was the humble calculator! Before they came along we used to use ‘ready reckoners’!”

June has been with Pershouse for 8 years, and is responsible for our A-Block administration. This role involves organizing all of the freight – mostly interstate – and the large chain store orders.

“It’s a big job,” said June,” Most of my paperwork has to be completed 24hrs in advance, as interstate transport has to be organized well in advance. And, all of the weekend orders have to be ready to go on Friday. Plus there is all of the DPI inspections and any fumigation that is required for border crossings. There’s a lot to do.”

And then, of course, there is running around after David (Pershouse)!

“I am a bit of a right-hand for David. He moves really fast, but after 8 years of working with him, I know what to expect.” June says with a laugh.

In fact, June has known David Pershouse since he was a young boy, as she worked with David’s father, John Pershouse at C.O.D when she first started at the Markets in 1965.

“I worked for C.O.D, and then Fruitex, and then Ted Beaton. Like everyone who has been involved with the Markets, we all move around, and then leave for a while. But we all seem to end up back here.”

Amazingly, while leading such a busy working life, June and her husband still managed to bring up four children, and now get to enjoy their 15 grandchildren.

And guess what? Like all old school market ‘lifers’, what do you think June’s favourite recreational activities are?

Fishing and golf!

Here is a list of just some of the produce available right now* at Pershouse Produce

Broad beans
Brussel Sprouts
Butter Beans

Honeydew Melon
Kipfler Potatoes

Okra Beans

Spring Onions
Sth Gold Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes

*subject to supply conditions.

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